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Lost Colonies

Project Xerxes

0.5: Project Xerxes

Emra had always believed that the Galileo Space Force and the Marines didn’t mix. That was until Nizsm body flipped someone onto her tea.


1: Enigma

Two friends, divided by tragedy, race to thwart an insidious plot that threatens humanity’s survival across the galaxy.

Timeless Keeper Saga


1: Holtondome

In a future Earth ravaged by storms, a farmer named Seg uncovers a dangerous web of intrigue, prophecies, and ancient artifacts hidden within Holtondome that may change everything.

New Denver

2: New Denver

Fi’s destiny becomes clear, and it’s the opposite of what she wanted: vast, mired in politics, and critically important to far more than her beloved Earth.

The Z-Tech Chronicles

Angels in the Mist

1: Angels in the Mist

Ancient evil meets modern-day waitress — and a mysterious organization known as Z‑Tech.

Zima: Origins

1.5: Zima: Origins

Even artificially intelligent recovering assassins need a home.

Angels Lost

2: Angels Lost

A vampire hunter has his sights on Anne Perrin, threatening to unleash the very evil she and her friends are fighting to contain.

Angels Fall

3: Angels Fall

Charlie’s life force is fading. His only hope is an aged martial arts master in the remote reaches of China who, as far as Cappa can tell, doesn’t like him very much.

Angels Found

4: Angels Found

An ancient evil in Anne’s head aims to ruin her tranquil life and end humanity. It must be Tuesday.

Angels Adrift

5: Angels Adrift

Orwing Industries has kidnapped Anne’s family in a final play for world domination. It’s the last mistake they might ever make.

Angels Strike

6: Angels Strike

Z‑Tech has one play left, and the enemy holds all the cards.

Once Upon a Nightwalker

6.5: Once Upon a Nightwalker

Marketing Director wanted. Vampires need not apply.

Other books

Dragon Assassin

Dragon Assassin

Passion ignites between a lethal water dragon assassin and a mysterious rogue in a story blazing with danger, desire, and the ultimate quest for redemption.

One Man's Trash

One Man's Trash

Love collides with adventure when one couple’s romantic getaway turns into a high-stakes journey of self-discovery, forgiveness, and the enduring power of connection amidst the stars.