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Anne Perrin suffers from severe flashbacks. Maintaining a relationship feels like an impossible task when she can barely make it through her shift without breaking down.

For some reason, Fate took that as a challenge.

Anne's first date in a decade tries to kill her. A kind man rescues her and vanishes, but when she finally hooks up with him, a vampire attack turns her world upside-down. Her new boyfriend has shocking secrets that challenge her notion of what's possible, and if that wasn't enough, an extraordinary but damaged girl courts her at the same time. Anne must conquer her internal demons to achieve happiness with either, but to survive the growing vampire epidemic, she can't stop there.

Somewhere inside her broken mind, Anne must find a hero.





Anne is adjusting to life as a vampire. Her blood cravings are manageable, the computer implant in her chest has her hypermetabolism under control, and her relationships with Zima and Charlie continue to blossom. But when Charlie passes out in Hal’s Diner, Anne discovers that his life is in jeopardy because his cyborg body can no longer sustain his life force, which leads Charlie and Cappa to seek help from his former master in the remote reaches of China.


While Charlie is away, Anne is violently abducted by a mysterious new faction intent on exploiting the vampire plague, pitting Zima, Mark, and Dela in a race to rescue Anne before her kidnappers can put their apocalyptic plans into motion.

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Anne and the rest of the Z-Tech survivors have settled into their home in Montana, despite the Entity’s constant presence in her head. Their quiet lives are disrupted when Anne gets a visit from someone she had never expected to see—the teenage daughter she had abandoned as an infant—who drives an unintentional wedge between Anne and Zima. Before they can reconcile their differences and learn to live as a family, a less-welcome visitor removes the Entity’s restraints and allows it to take control of Anne—and worse, Zima.


Charlie, Mark, Cappa, and Dela must join forces with the Resistance to try and stop their beloved Anne from finishing what the Entity started so many centuries ago: The destruction of all humanity.