Project Xerxes
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Project Xerxes

Lost Colonies Book 0.5

Emra had always believed that the Galileo Space Force and the Marines didn’t mix. That was until Nizsm body flipped someone onto her tea.

Emra Telawani has worked her entire military career toward a single goal: commanding her own starship. Everything appeared on track until a miscreant Marine punched her commanding officer in the gut, sending her on a mad chase across the city of Nova Veritas to avenge a man she doesn’t really like.

The Marine proves elusive, however, forcing her to break a few rules that land her in trouble with the very person she broke them for. Emra soon finds herself facing a Court Martial that could destroy her hard-earned career. In a cruel twist of fate, her best hope of redemption may lie with Nizsm, the miscreant Marine with ambitions of his own, who may be far too charming for her own good.

Project Xerxes is an optional prequel to the Lost Colonies science fantasy series that explores the rich culture of Galileo: Britta’s homeworld, and the birthplace of the Lost Colonies Alliance.



It’s phenomenal.

- Linda M. Scott, Author of The Telanera Contagion

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Project Xerxes

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