Project XerxesEnigma

Lost Colonies

Nine colony ships fled Earth from galactic invaders known as the Uu’nok.

10,000 years later, Galileo perfects faster-than-light travel and begins their quest to discover the fates of the other colony ships. To date, they’ve found only three, whom they have united with to form the Lost Colonies Alliance.

But the Uu’nok threat isn’t over. A sinister conspiracy leaves Britta Silverstar stranded on a medieval planet with only weeks to live. Her only hope of saving the Alliance is to unravel the mysteries of Enigma.

Check out the Lost Colonies Compendium for a galaxy map, history of the Lost Colonies, and more!



[Enigma] is a triumph. Among the best fantasy-edged SF I’ve read anywhere. Magnificent!

- Linda M. Scott, Author of The Telanera Contagion


It was excellent!

- Louise Southwick, My Wife (thank you, honey)

Books in this series

Project Xerxes

0.5: Project Xerxes

Emra had always believed that the Galileo Space Force and the Marines didn’t mix. That was until Nizsm body flipped someone onto her tea.


1: Enigma

Two friends, divided by tragedy, race to thwart an insidious plot that threatens humanity’s survival across the galaxy.