Once Upon a Nightwalker

The Z-Tech Chronicles Book 6.5

Marketing Director wanted. Vampires need not apply.

Ellen Bloom just wants a normal working relationship with her colleagues at her old job.

But, at this point, she’d be happy with a pulse.

Once Upon a Nightwalker is a standalone, spoiler-free after-story crafted to give readers a hint of the incredible events contained within The Z‑Tech Chronicles epic urban fantasy series.



This book was so good! I don’t know why I was so surprised that it was about a vampire, I guess I forgot what the synopsis said, but that was good, it was a total surprise and it just added to the storyline. Very well written, there is a huge lesson in it. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to the next one.

- Valerie Roberson


Have you ever figuratively wanted to just bite someone’s head off? - Well, Ellen Bloom can do it quite literally, if she wanted to. Having no pulse, and back at work Ellen is trying to do the best job she can. But just coming back to her job wasn’t as easy as she had hoped. Basically, read this. It’s good. Recommended for fans of Urban Fanstasy, vampires, and sarcasm.

- Booze and Books NOLA

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