Zima: Origins

The Z-Tech Chronicles Book 1.5

Even artificially intelligent recovering assassins need a home.

Zima’s transition from a regime-ending killing machine to stand-up citizen is more difficult than she anticipated. Years of brainwashing have left her with a litany of unpredictable, lethal reactions, which force even her liberators from Z‑Tech to cast her out for fear of their own safety.

​Alone in San Francisco’s Mission District, Zima faces society for the first time — not as a computer inside a cyborg, whose human host managed her day-to-day interactions, but as herself. Emotions, sarcasm — even things as simple as lies — become imposing hurdles in her efforts to integrate.

But she’s nothing if not persistent. After days of searching, she meets a teenage boy and his little sister, each with needs Zima might be able to fill.

Rosa wants a big sister. Emilio is over his head as a mule for a local gang. A blonde, indestructible assassin in search of a home may be just what they need… if Zima’s homicidal tendencies don’t kill them first.



I would highly recommend this book to any sci-fi fans out there! Can’t wait for the third in the series! Great work!

- Debbie Davis


"Zima: Origins" is a side-story novella packed with all the action, technology, humor and good vs evil urban struggle that made "Angels" such a great read. The new cast of characters are as honest and engaging as those in the main series. His is a bright new voice in the genre.

- L. Turner


I enjoyed this book. I found Zima to be very endearing. She’s precise, logical, deadly, and has an unexpected dry sense of humor, which I love! I was first introduced to Zima’s character in Angels In The Mist. So, it was nice to find her origin story. I would definitely recommend this book for fans of Urban Fantasy, those that like cyborgs, tech, and action, mixed in with a little bit of the warm and fuzzies.

- Booze And Books NOLA

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