Ambassador Britta Silverstar, heir to the illustrious Silverstar Corporation, becomes stranded on a world where her wealth, title, and family name mean nothing, and that turns the very technology keeping her healthy into a hangman’s noose. Her life becomes a race against death’s clock to warn the Lost Colonies Alliance of a threat that, after 10,000 years of prosperity, could erase everything humanity has accomplished.

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Lost Colonies Compendium

A companion guide for the Lost Colonies that will grow as the story expands. Includes a galaxy map, timeline, colony information, and additional reading.

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About the Author

Ryan Southwick decided to dabble at writing later in life, and quickly became obsessed with the craft. He currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and two three children.

His technical skills as a software developer, healthcare experience, and lifelong fascination for science fiction became the ingredients for his first series, The Z‑Tech Chronicles, which combines these elements into a fantastic contemporary tale of super-science, fantasy, and adventure, based in his Bay Area stomping grounds. He has since published other science fiction works, including the Timeless Keeper Saga, Lost Colonies, and One Man's Trash.

Ryan’s skills as a Writing Coach have earned him a spot on the Coach Foundation, one of the biggest names in the coaching industry.

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Top Coach - Ryan Southwick, Coaching Foundation