Angels Lost

The Z-Tech Chronicles Book 2

A vampire hunter has his sights on Anne Perrin, threatening to unleash the very evil she and her friends are fighting to contain.

Robbing Anne of her pulse hasn’t stopped her from living un-life to its fullest: she’s balancing two relationships, has returned to her waitress job, and is trying her best to not eat her customers. But Calum sees through her disguise, and no amount of charm can dissuade him from eradicating Anne and everyone like her from the face of the Earth.

While Charlie is out of the country seeking help from the one person who might be able to save his life, Anne is abducted, leaving the rest of the Z‑Tech crew with the desperate task of finding her before the vampire hunters finish her off—or a grief-stricken Zima destroys the city looking for her lost love.

But Anne’s abduction could be just the first part of a larger, darker plan that may unwittingly unleash the very plague Calum seeks to prevent.



This book was awesome! Science Fiction, Fantasy, Vampires and a good hint of Romance, pulls this whole book into one fantastic read.

- Valerie Roberson


This book was so good! The action scenes are engaging. I appreciate that the author doesn’t have any helpless damsels in distress in his story. Nothing but badass self sufficient sassy & sometimes sarcastic women! The guys are pretty tough too!

- Booze and Books NOLA


Ryan brilliantly expanded on his story and this was even better than the first book. The clever way he introduces new characters and the continuity of their development is refreshing, and I was blown away by his knowledge of computer systems and how they would function in an android.

- Morgan

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