Angels in the Mist

The Z-Tech Chronicles Book 1

Ancient evil meets modern-day waitress — and a mysterious organization known as Z‑Tech.

Anne Perrin is resigned to a life driven by an adolescent trauma: a strict routine, no socializing (outside of the safety of her waitressing job), and no romantic relationships. When her cautious lifestyle lets the perfect partner slip through her fingers, Anne vows she won’t let it happen again and ventures into San Francisco to find happiness.

Her first night out in a decade becomes a nightmare when her date turns on her with sadistic intent. But his nefarious plans for Anne are unexpectedly interrupted by a mysterious savior. Valiant, smart, compassionate … Charlie is exactly the partner Anne has been looking for. And best of all, he likes her too.

Things go well between her and Charlie until an assailant with unexpected strength plunges Anne into a world she didn’t know existed — nor could have imagined — where super-science and an eclectic group of extraordinary individuals may be the solution to Anne’s lifelong loneliness … and humanity’s only hope against an ancient threat.



Angels in the Mist surprises and satisfies with every hairpin turn. Each revelation proves to be only the tip of the iceberg, the pace moving at breakneck speed while pulling you in like quicksand. It’s a dynamic combination, lifted by characters displaying such spirit and stamina that they’re almost supernatural.

- Judy Moreno,


This is one of the best books I’ve read this year! You got it all, romance, fairytale, science fiction, vampires, action, fantasy, secrets and so many surprises. Each chapter brought mystery and a surprise to it, which made it very hard to put the book down.

- Valerie, NerdGirl Magazine


High tech cyborgs? Check. Vampires? Check. Seriously. Southwick manages to incorporate this and far more into his story. The San Francisco of Southwick’s novel is a limitless world of fantasy and excitement. Yet, what Angels in the Mist may be most notable and memorable for is that if you stripped out the fantasy and supernatural, you still would be unable to put this book down.

- June, DuoVolt Art


Angels in the Mist is an epic urban fantasy blended with science fiction that will capture readers’ imaginations! Ryan Southwick expertly weaves a world of androids, cyborgs, vampires and plasma guns into a complex tale that is full of twists and surprises.

- Tricia Hill, InD’Tale Magazone


If you’ve ever wondered what our modern world would look like with a liberal dose of cyborgs, androids, vampires, and plasma guns – then put Angels in the Mist on your must-read list. Likewise, do so if you’ve been waiting for an adventure story with a strong, real female protagonist. In fact, the reasons for picking this book up are as varied as the qualities contained within its pages.

- Bree, ePub Zone


Angels in the Mist is a captivating read. The science fiction and technology elements along with the fantasy and supernatural parts are expertly woven together. There is something for everyone in this page-turner. A fun read while also a great set-up for a series.

- Hannah S

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