Angels Fall

The Z-Tech Chronicles Book 3

Charlie’s life force is fading. His only hope is an aged martial arts master in the remote reaches of China who, as far as Cappa can tell, doesn’t like him very much.

While Charlie and Cappa are away from Z‑Tech, William has been raising an empire of his own — one determined to crush any who interfere with his plans for world domination. Worse, he’s sided with the only other organization who had almost succeeded in erasing Z‑Tech from the global market, pitting Anne and her friends in a desperate struggle for survival.

The enemy has the advantage of numbers, but Z‑Tech has Zima – a one-person army in her own right. Only time will tell if she’s enough to offset the overwhelming forces set against Z‑Tech, and if San Francisco will survive their battle.



This fast paced world that Anne, Zima, Charlie, Cappa, Mark, Della and Doris (I know I am missing others) live in is going to have you running for your money, not able to put the book down.

- Lisa Mortimer


What I like best about this book and series is the way Southwick continues to explore his characters’ passions, thoughts, fears, lusts, and needs. You learn what compels each character’s behavior. The series is simply a great read.

- Dee


I was not expecting things to go the way they did at the end, but it worked. The breadth of human nature and personalities covered in this series makes these characters compelling. This book wrapped things up well, but left it open enough for additional adventures. Which is what I’m hoping for.

- Michelle S.


I honestly did not see the last twist coming. It was a doozy, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how it all plays out. The story is complicated and action-packed; it hardly ever slows down.

- JP Dangermom


What a great mixture of sci-fi, urban fantasy, and techno-fic with a little romance thrown in! The tech part didn’t delve so deeply into the science that I was overwhelmed by theory/jargon and the romance was just that, romance and not explicit sex. I’m really looking forward to the next book (fingers crossed) in the series.

- M. G. Smith


[The] Z‑Tech Chronicles fill a gap I didn’t know existed - blending modern urban fantasy with cyberpunk style sci-fi with military fiction. Southwick stirs this all together and comes up with something wholly original, without losing track of its ancestry. Overall, 4/5 stars, with a bonus thumbs-up just for Master Wung.

- Joshua Turton

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