Coming Winter 2022

Angels Found

The Z-Tech Chronicles | Book 4

Rural Montana isn’t ready for the refugees from Z-Tech—or for the evil that inevitably seems to follow them.

A house of her own. A white picket fence. A loving partner. Anne Perrin finally has the life she only dreamed of, the job she always wanted, and a caring family to share it all with.

But every Eden has its Pandora’s Box. Anne’s heaven is marred by a malevolent presence in her head who, given the choice, would use her to end humanity’s reign as Earth’s dominant species. The only thing keeping it in check is the computer implant in her chest that seems to have an agenda of its own.

Two unexpected visitors turn Anne’s delicate world upside down in opposite ways—one better than she could have ever hoped, the other a catastrophic nightmare, pitting Anne in a battle for the world against the very people she holds dearest: her family.