Everyone deserves a chance at happiness, even auburn-haired monsters who carry in their veins a humanity-ending plague… don’t they?


For a woman with sharp teeth and no pulse, Anne Perrin is doing her best to live life to its fullest, balancing two relationships and returning to her waitress job—without eating the patrons.


But there’s a new player in San Francisco. Calum knows her secret, and no amount of charm can dissuade him from eradicating Anne and everyone like her from the face of the earth. Calum abducts her one day from work, leaving her friends clueless of her whereabouts.


Charlie has fallen critically ill, however, and must seek help from the master he wronged in China, if the old man will accept him, dragging Cappa along on her first trip anywhere outside of the city in which she was born, without any of the modern conveniences she’s come to depend on. In their absence, the rest of the Z-Tech crew must deal with a grief-stricken Zima, who may destroy the City and everyone in it to recover her lost love.


Worse, Anne’s abduction may be just the first part of a larger, darker plan that may unwittingly unleash the very plague Calum seeks to prevent.

Available Fall 2020.

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