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Timeless Keeper Saga

On a war-ravaged Earth no longer able to sustain life, a half-blind dome farmer and a mysterious City dweller may hold the keys to humanity’s fate.

400 years ago, a catastrophe known as The Fall killed most of Earth’s population, creating deadly acid and lightning storms that have made it impossible for life to long survive outside of artificial domes.

From the ashes arose the Federated Nations, an authoritarian government led by Grand Chancellor Chang who organized stragglers across the globe into a unified collective, held together by an agreement known as the Pact, which separates society into Cities, Traders, and Providers. Each has a unique and critical role to play in humanity’s recovery from the brink of extinction. And, after hundreds of years of struggle, it seems to be working.

Or so it appeared to Seg, a farmer in a Provider dome, before a mysterious City girl set off a cascade of events that could shatter the very pillars of the creation.



An exciting, well-written, character driven sci-fi tale that lays its cards out on the table with an ever-increasing tempo that draws you through the story... I loved Holtondome, and now I can’t wait to see what’s next. Bring on the cities!

- Scott Coatsworth, Liminal Fiction


This new series is going to take over your life. I couldn’t put it down or do much of anything.

- Kirk Optebeke


You need to read this today! After you have stayed up past midnight binging it, go back and read it again to catch the tidbits you missed the first time around.

- Brandon Phillips, Author of the Texian Armada

Books in this series


1: Holtondome

In a future Earth ravaged by storms, a farmer named Seg uncovers a dangerous web of intrigue, prophecies, and ancient artifacts hidden within Holtondome that may change everything.

New Denver

2: New Denver

Fi’s destiny becomes clear, and it’s the opposite of what she wanted: vast, mired in politics, and critically important to far more than her beloved Earth.