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Timeless Keeper Saga | Book 1

Seg Holton yearns to leave his isolated farming dome and travel the ravaged Earth, or even to Mars Colony. Only a few things stand in his way: an authoritarian government, deadly storms, and an enchanting outsider who may be the most dangerous of all.

Fast-forward 500 years. Civilization has nearly wiped itself out of existence, and is on the long, slow road to recovery, held together by an agreement called the Pact between cities, agricultural domes, and a new global government.

Seg is a farmer in Holtondome. Like his ancestors, he's chosen a life of ignorance about technology and the outside world in favor of a simple existence, free of the corruption that almost destroyed the human race.

His world turns upside down when Fi arrives. Tall, exotic, and far too wise for her age, she challenges everything he's been taught to believe, making him question for the first time if a simple life is right for him or, indeed, for the rest of humanity.

But Fi has secrets darker than her black-ringed eyes — bigger than the Pact — that have implications far beyond Seg and the residents of Holtondome.


Holtondome will capture the dystopian fanbases of Octavia E. Butler and the Mazerunner series and leave them craving more!

The Literary Vixen

You need to read this today! After you have stayed up past midnight binging it, go back and read it again to catch the tidbits you missed the first time around.

Brandon Phillips, Author of the Texian Armada

An evocative storyline. A dynamic cast. Everything you could want in a sci-fi adventure/romance.


This new series is going to take over your life. I couldn't put it down or do much of anything.

Kirk Optebeke

I am trying to get your attention here, but that's because 'Holtondome' is worth the read. I cannot recommend it enough.

J Dark, Author of The Glass Bottles

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