Zima awakes within the protective walls of Z-Tech. Free at last of the programming that drove her to kill, the formerly enslaved artificial intelligence now has her own android body and is determined to find her place in the world … and to discover the family she never had.

But the transition from a regime-ending killing machine to stand-up citizen is more difficult than Zima anticipated. Years of brainwashing have left her with a litany of unpredictable, lethal responses that make even the hardy denizens of Z-Tech cast her out in fear for their own safety.

Alone in San Francisco’s Mission District, Zima faces society for the first time not as a computer inside a cyborg, whose human host managed day-to-day interactions, but as herself. Emotions, sarcasm, even things as simple as lies become imposing hurdles in her effort to integrate, but Zima is nothing if not persistent.


Her efforts pay off when she meets young Rosa and Emilio in a bakery after school.


Rosa wants a big sister. Emilio is over his head as a mule for a local gang. An indestructible assassin in a cute blonde package may be the perfect prescription for both—assuming an overdose of residual homicidal tendencies doesn’t kill them all first.

Available Fall 2020.