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The most powerful vampire in the world could be the key to humanity’s salvation… or the instrument of final destruction.


Anne Perrin, former waitress, is the new unwilling master of all vampires. The malevolent Entity occupies part of her mind, its apocalyptic plans kept in check only by the computer implant created by genius Charlie Z, former owner of Z-Tech Industries, that allows her to maintain her free will. Anne has intentionally removed herself from San Francisco, the vampire epicenter, in order to keep the Entity from learning too much. But there are devils at the door, refusing to let her live in peace.


The Entity’s vision of the world doesn’t include humans and, with the vampire epidemic running unchecked, it now has what it needs to wipe mankind from the map. Anne is its intended instrument of annihilation. With the ability to kill her with a thought, the Entity forces her to carry out its bidding. Gathering all vampires to her, Anne becomes virtually invincible, even as she’s lost everyone and everything she’s ever loved.


But who or what is the Entity? By the time Charlie discovers the malevolent being’s origins—a crashed alien spaceship deep in Russia’s tundra with the mind-boggling answers to the being’s true purpose--the Entity’s victory and humanity’s demise are all but assured. Is Anne strong enough to prevent a worldwide doomsday…even after her death?