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Holtondome Now Available


Holtondome (Timeless Keeper Saga Book 1) is finally loose upon the masses. Beta readers went bananas over this science fiction / dystopian novel, and I hope you will, too. To give you an idea, one or two may have threatened me with bodily harm if I even considered delaying launch, and my PAs hound me weekly on the status of Book 2 (which is halfway finished). I can imagine no higher compliments!

The Literary Vixen summed it up nicely:

"From the artistically creative and inspiringly innovative mind of Ryan Southwick comes a epic new sci-fi dystopian world filled with dangers, adventure, and a charming stranger. Holtondome will capture the dystopian fanbases of Octavia E. Butler and the Mazerunner series and leave them craving more!"

And for any who missed the pre-order special, grab the paperback or hardcover (printed editions only available on Amazon), then submit your proof-of-purchase here before May 31 and you'll receive everything in the ebook pre-order offer plus a few extra goodies, which all told includes:

  • A signed author bookmark

  • A signed Holtondome bookmark

  • Holly's Pork Pot Pie Recipe Card

  • New Character Art glossy of Fi

  • A Special Edition metal bookmark

Can't wait? Me neither. The character art and metal bookmark are still under commission, but I'll share pics as soon as they're ready.

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