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Day? What's that? Smokey times.

While it might look like a scene from Blade Runner, this was actually taken by one of my co-workers from his place in San Francisco earlier today. The sepia filter was free for everyone today.

Being right on the ocean, we had thick fog below the smoke layer that blanketed almost the entire California coast, which basically made it feel like it was after sunset for the entire day. In fact, for most of the morning, I would have sworn it was night. Fortunately, the fog also filtered a lot of the smoke and ash, so our air was relatively clean, but many friends of mine farther inland weren't as lucky.

It's hard to believe the satellite image above covers most of the state, and I didn't even realize how many fires there were in Oregon.

It's going to be an interesting couple of days (weeks?). Wish us luck!

The following pics were from Linda Mar Beach, just south of us. It looks like sunset, but the picture was taken at 9:30 am.

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