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Angels Lost - Now Available

I'm beyond excited, I'm... I'm... super-excited! The highly anticipated sequel to Angels in the Mist is now available!

Also set in the San Francisco Bay Area, Angels Lost (The Z-Tech Chronicles Book 2) picks up the urban fantasy adventure two weeks after the end of Angels in the Mist.


Humanity's timer is ticking: Anne becomes the unwitting linchpin to a plot that may turn the mysterious new vampire plague into a true global catastrophe. Civilization's hope hinges on Anne's compassion, indomitable will, charming wit — and, of course, her friends at Z-Tech, who will stop at nothing to find the waitress who binds them together and, against the odds, has forged them into an inseparable family.


Check out the sequel that will answer all your questions about William, the vampire plague, and the extraordinary folks at Z-Tech. Or, some of those questions at least. A few, anyway. (Hey, there are 4 more books coming in the series. Gotta save something for later.)

In case you haven't read the first book, Angels in the Mist is available for a limited time on Kindle Unlimited, so head over and check it out while you can.

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