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"Angels in the Mist (Water Dragon Publishing), the first installment in Ryan Southwick’s The Z-Tech Chronicles trilogy, has enough intensity and inventiveness for three books all by itself. Brimming with elements of practically every genre including exhilarating action-adventure, riveting sci-fi, urban fantasy and breathtaking romance, Angels in the Mist surprises and satisfies with every hairpin turn."


-Judy Moreno, BookTrib


"At the same time classic fantasy, futuristic sci-fi, tense page-turning suspense novel, and surprisingly contemporary ode to a new generation of female protagonist driven adventure stories, Angels in the Mist is a unique and refreshing amalgamation of narrative that is simultaneously both refreshing in its novelty, yet oddly familiar and genuine in its telling."


-June, Duovolt Art

"Angels in the Mist is a fun read that I thoroughly enjoyed. The way sci-fi is interwoven with this fantasy storyline is great. I loved the character of Anne, too, and how she developed throughout the novel. My favorite parts were definitely the action scenes!"




"The writing style was one of my favorites, the humor actually made me laugh. I love when authors can mix in wit and humor to break up the darker and serious elements of a book."


-R.K. Emery, Texas Book Nook

"This is one of the best books I’ve read this year! You got it all, romance, fairytale, science fiction, vampires, action, fantasy, secrets and so many surprises. Each chapter brought mystery and a surprise to it, which made it very hard to put the book down."


-Valerie, NerdGirl Official


" epic urban fantasy blended with science fiction that will capture readers' imaginations! Ryan Southwick expertly weaves a world of androids, cyborgs, vampires and plasma guns into a complex tale that is full of twists and surprises."

-Tricia Hill, InD'Tale Magazine

"I raced through this one! Ryan Southwick’s deft writing and snappy pace makes Angels in the Mist a joy to read! The thing that stands out is how he has created such memorable characters.


Well thought out, characters actually made sense. Has a great plot and is overall, superbly written."

-Novel News Network


"It keeps you wanting to read and uncover more about it as you go. Once you pick it up, it’s hard to put down! I would definitely recommend it for Sci-Fi and Fantasy fans.

Action packed with wonderful word building."

-On A Reading Bender

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