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The only things standing between the world and an apocalypse beyond imagination are a former waitress, a computer implant with a mind of its own, and a whole lot of luck.

A house of her own, a white picket fence, and a loving partner… Anne Perrin finally has the life she only dreamed. Even her job at the local hospital, working in the children’s ward, is more than she ever thought she deserved, helped by a friendly pediatrician who, outside of her dear Z-Tech family, is the only person who knows Anne’s true nature.


But every Eden has its Pandora’s Box. Anne’s heaven is marred by a malevolent presence in her head who constantly urges Anne to give into her desires, to become the monster she and her family have fought so hard to keep at bay. Giving in to its demands would usher in a dark age that would end humanity as she knows it. The only thing preventing Anne from becoming a slave to its wishes is the unpredictable computer implant in her chest, which seems to have its own agenda.


Two unexpected visitors turn Anne’s delicate world upside down in completely different ways.


The first brings a joyful surprise, one she had never dared to dream, giving Anne a chance to redeem what she had always considered an unforgivable choice.


The second visitor triggers a catastrophic set of events, pitting Anne in a nightmare battle against the very people she holds dearest: her family.

Available Spring 2021.

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