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Corporate Catharsis (front cover).jpg

The anthology we all need — one that can help us survive our corporate servitude with our hearts and souls intact.


Corporate Catharsis is an anything-genre anthology of short stories by various Paper Angel Press authors—including me!


Among twelve tales by a variety of excellent authors is "Once Upon a Nightwalker", a Z-Tech Chronicles short story that follows one woman's corporate struggle in the aftermath of the series' conclusion. Don't worry, it's stand-alone and largely spoiler-free, so it can be read before, during, or after the other books.


From Paper Angel Press:

We’ve all been there: standing behind a desk or a counter for ridiculously long hours, letting the movie of our imagination roll behind our eyes. We’re certain that you can, far too easily, find inspiration from your workplace. Magic, mayhem, revenge — and, yes, perhaps even redemption — can all be found here.

It's a widely-held belief that writing is a form of catharsis — not only for the author, but often for the reader. It's all about our authors and the stories that they want — and sometimes need — to tell.

Catharsis isn't so much the airing of frustrations, as it is the process of letting those frustrations brew down and condense into the fuel that drives the creative spark; the fuel that leads you to reassert your imagination, your creativity, your humanity. It's the reclamation of the possibility of a better world, a world that isn't so extractive, and that retains the elements of the fantastic that we can visualize as being a part of it.

Here are twelve stories written by people who have passed through the corporate world with their creativity intact. Some are realistic; most are fantastic. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed gathering and bringing them to you.

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